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We want to build a sense of connection between people through our bouquets, and remind people that we are all valued and loved. The gift of flowers are a perfect way of doing that, while bringing people joy.

One of the reasons we settled on the idea of ok bouquet – after tossing around a few other ideas – was the fact that we could align it to a lot of the things we both believe in, and issues we want to contribute positively to.

Our tagline is “Are you bouquet?” and that speaks to the importance of all feeling and being cared for  – including self-care. Mental health is something that we both really advocate for. While dried flowers don’t need much care, people do – and that messaging is built into our branding and comms.

We are also hoping to break down barriers around masculinity that prevent men from admitting to their vulnerability – and their need for care too. It’s crazy that flowers are so gendered and we want to encourage men to buy flowers for each other.