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OK Care

While dried flowers don’t need much care, people do.

Bouquet Care

  1. Keep them out of direct sunlight.
  2. Place them upright in a vase.
  3. Give them a dust every so often. Be gentle.
  4. Don't get them wet. Water is not required.


    Things to do when you need a bit of self-care

    1. Take a long bath. 
    2. Feel the wind on your face.
    3. Dance in the rain.
    4. Drink champagne out of the bottle.
    5. Lie on your back and stare at the clouds.
    6. Call an old friend.
    7. Have a deep belly laugh.
    8. Dance barefoot in the kitchen.
    9. Take off your sock and shoes and walk on grass.
    10. Climb a tree.
    11. Hug a tree.
    12. Listen to frogs.
    13. Think about birds.
    14. Play sad songs and cry.
    15. Be gentle with yourself.
    16. Cook for someone else.
    17. Lick the eggbeater.
    18. Lie in bed a little longer.
    19. Play charades badly.
    20. Watch the sunset/sunrise.
    21. Put a wish on a leaf and send it down the river.
    22. Be silly. 
    23. Stop if you see something beautiful.
    24. Tell someone you need a hug.